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Police Station/St Helens Police Station

Interview At The Police Station. Always Get A Solicitor So you Know Your Rights

It is not the job of the Police to advise you as to your rights or protect your legal interests at the Police Station. Their interest is to investigate and obtain evidence via questioning against you.  That is why the Government provide legal aid funding for representation for members of the Public who are being investigated by the Police. So call us now.

We can be contacted about your problem via either:

  • 24 – hour emergency hotline
  • email –
  • Office Hours – 01744 612549
  • The Contact Form on the Website

The Police may wish you to attend a Police Station to be interviewed as a suspect to an alleged criminal offence. You may be arrested and forced to attend or asked to attend at an agreed date and time.  You may be interviewed either under arrest or as a volunteer but either way under caution and that means what you say or don’t say may be used by the Prosecuting authority against you in Court proceedings down the line.

Typically you may face all though not exclusively the following circumstances:

  • As a voluntary attendance at a date and time in the future.
  • To return to the police station having been previously arrested.
  • You are arrested at the Police Station and are asked by the Police if you require a Solicitor.
  • You have been charged by the Police and face a Court date and require advice about your case.

Whatever the circumstances you are entitled to free representation at a Police Station and we are here to help. Call us now.

We are able to cover most police stations in Merseyside and beyond and are Duty Solicitors To St Helens Police Station,  College Street St Helens.

Why You Need A Solicitor At The Police Station

We hear it all the time

“You dont need a Solicitor it will take too long, or its just a quick interview”

“If you have a Solicitor it shows you are guilty”

The services of a Solicitor in most circumstances at the Police Station are free.

A Solicitor amongst other things will in the strictest confidence be able  PRIOR to any Interview by the Police:

  • obtain in most cases details as to the case and inquiry against you.
  • take you full instructions, your version of events
  • advise you as to where you stand and the law to which the investigation relates
  • determine the approach to take in interview, prior to being interviewed
  • protect your position and help you exercise your legitimate rights whilst in the custody of the Police as best we can within the parameters of the law.







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