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Benefit Fraud • Investigation By The Benefits Agency

Benefit Fraud | Benefit Investigation Interviews | SolicitorsIf you are suspected of having committed benefit fraud and are required to be interviewed by officers from the Benefits Agency please contact us to represent you at this interview.

It is essential you have legal advice at a Benefits Agency Interview:

  • To ensure you obtain evidence from a Benefits Officer about why you are at the Police Station and what you are to be questioned about.
  • To be able to prepare in advance of the interview with the benefit of legal advice.
  • To avoid compromising your defence later on at Court, as anything you say in interview or fail to say can be held against you.
  • To ensure your rights are adequately protected and you receive all the help guidance and assistance you may be entitled to during your attendance at the Interview.
  • What is the Cost: The cost is Free we have a contract with the Legal Services Commission which allows us to provide you with free non means tested representation throughout the duration of your Police Station attendance.

Police Station Interview

Most interviews with the Benefits Agency are by prior appointment so please contact us now and we will arrange to be with you, advise you and protect your rights during the interview.

If you have re due to attend Court and need representation in relation to benefit fraud allegations contact us now for free to discuss your case.

If contacted by a benefit agency investigator minimise your worry by seeking our immediate advise, call us now or email us at: and get peace of mind.

Remember we will provide:

  • Free Advice and initial consultation
  • Free Representation in Interview

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